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This page contains the list of odometer cluster software's we have. We are always looking for a new information about odometer recalibration or new cable softwares to recalibrate the odometer values. 

- TachoSoft Mileage Calculator

- TachoPro box 30039

- TachoPro Seriel Eprommer

- VAG DashTool by GOPEL

- Fiat KM Calibration by GOPEL

- Ford KM Calculator by GOPEL

- Golf 5 Calculator by GOPEL


- Licznik Daisy & Smok ver3.69b

- Tacho DB

- Dash Calibration v2.0.17

- Dashboard Mileage Corrector v1.0

- Digital Dashboard Calculator

- DashBoard Calculator v1.0

- OdoCalc v1.1.50 

- KmCalc for Ford Focus, Ford Scorpio, Ford Galaxy, VW Sharan

odometer fraud rollback odometer repair programmer 

- Dash Plus

- VAG c66

- Audi A4 2002/2003

- Audi A4 Diagnose Software

- Audi A4 Odometer Corrector

odometer digital programming 

- Audi A6 Odometer Corrector

- Audi A8 Odometer Corrector

- VW & Audi MotoMeter 4 Tool

- VW Passat B4 Tool

odometer fraud roll back odometer cluster digital odometer repair 

- VW Passat B5 Magnetti Marelli Odometer Repair

- VW Golf 3 (VDO, Motometer, Magnetti Marelli)

- VW Golf 4

- VW Sharan, Ford Galaxy, Seat Alhambra (by LazyCat)

odometer reset programming correction 

- VW Sharan Instruments Scanner v1.22

- VW New Beetle Instruments Scanner v1.2s

- Skoda Octavia & Skoda Fabia recalibration software

digital odometer calibration odometer walking odometer tampering 

- Opel Astra and Opel Zafira recalibration software

- Opel Vectra recalibration software

- Peugeot 206 Jaeger

- IMMOread by Gsmservis v1.3.19

- Airbag tools

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